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Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removal


Permanent makeup is a wonderful beautification process that caries with it huge benefits to many different people. In addition to saving the average person loads of time and money, permanent makeup looks great and is completely versatile. In this day and age of never ending work schedules, taking care of kids, and trying to maintain an active social life, permanent makeup is a real solution to lots of life's beauty needs. Best of all, it never runs or smudges. It looks perfect all day, and imagine the time you will save from keeping a fresh face after showering, working out, swimming, or simply just being outside on a hot day. These are just a few reason why people love their permanent makeup so much.

Permanent makeup is also a fantastic alternative for people who have allergies or sensitivities to conventional makeup. Do you have oily skin that always seems to cause your regular makeup to smudge? Not a problem with permanent.  People who suffer from physical disabilities that would inhibit them from regularly applying conventional makeup can especially benefit from the permanent makeup procedures. In the hands of a skilled and licensed professional, your permanent makeup will always be accurate, perfect, and resilient for years to come with very minimal upkeep. 

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