About Beauty Brows and Permanent Makeup by Jenna


Jenna Zawacki is a certified and licensed practitioner of permanent makeup operating in the Las Vegas/Henderson area. Jenna has prided herself on studying under some of the best masters in the business, receiving a multi-faceted education and earning multiple certifications in the process. She has studied under such well known industry masters as Dawn Marrero, Marjorie Grimm, Daria Chuprys, and Scalp Aesthetics. Jenna has a proven track record of safety and professionalism in the industry, and began her career by completing a full apprenticeship as required by the state of Nevada, specifically Clark County. Additionally, she has sought out and completed advanced courses in microblading, multiple color theory courses, and advanced scalp micropigmentation.

An important distinction when choosing any artist is their licensure in the state in which they are operating. Be wary of any person who claims they are legal to perform procedures without describing their qualifications as regulations vary from state to state (For example, California only requires a 1-day course and no previous background in tattooing or permanent makeup for certification). Jenna has met all of the necessary qualifications to be fully licensed by the state of Nevada, which include inspection and certification by the Southern Nevada Health District, and obtaining Body Art card through a full apprenticeship for Clark County, necessary to perform any permanent makeup or tattoo procedure in the area.

If you have any further questions about any of the procedures offered or Jenna‚Äôs qualification feel free to contact her at the information listed on this site. She will be happy to explain the entire process or better yet schedule you for an in person consultation.