The newest thing to have happened to cosmetics. 


The microblade technique is an advanced technique which pigment is implanted into the skin.  It is ideal for creating natural, full and realistic looking eyebrows.  It is an intricate embroidery method which is becoming very popular.  It is also known as microstroking, feathering, etc.  Fine needles are used to create thin hair like incisions underneath the skin.  It is similar to the hairstroke technique that is used with the traditional machine, but the microblade makes hair strokes finer, more natural and aren't implanted as deeply into the skin.  The microblade is a tool which is used manually to create this look.   

The microstroke technique for eyebrows consists of two procedures.  This is a PROCESS, to ensure the best possible results 6-8 weeks after the first initial procedure a required follow up is performed and is included in the fee.  As with all permanent makeup, touch ups should be acquired but at the client's preference.  Some people prefer touch ups every two years, some every five.  Healing, after care and how you take care of your skin after (tanning, etc) play a big part on how permanent makeup looks over time.  The same goes with regular body art tattoos.  Everyone's skin heals differently,  Touch ups are less expensive than the initial procedure.  So to upkeep your permanent makeup is beneficial and less costly than makeup products, plus this wont wash off in the shower or after the beach.

A quick healing overview : Within the first week it starts to scab.  Do not pick,  this may pull out the pigment which had been implanted into the skin.  After the first week slowly the scabs will begin to flake off on their own or peel off.  Once the scabs begin to come off you will see the hairstrokes more visibly.  When it is scabbing it will look darker than what the color will heal.  During the second week of healing it will begin to look lighter than the overall outcome of the color.  During the third to fourth week the true color will slowly begin to show through once the skin starts to be a little more translucent.  It takes an overall 8 weeks to heal throughout all the epidermis layers which is when the second procedure or touch up is performed.